All The Dirt: Gardening, Sustainability And Food

Deryn Thorpe and John Colwill from All The Dirt podcast talk with David Holmgren about his life and how we can downshift our energy use and grow more food.

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Permaculture pioneer to speak in Newcastle on answers to the eco-crisis

Is a mortgage and a big HECS debt a smart way to go for young people?
David Holmgren, who gained eco-celebrity status for being the co-originator of permaculture, says a lot of youngsters are questioning this nowadays.

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The Hive Podcast

Nathalie Nahai and David discuss the science and heritage of the permaculture model, what sustainability really means on the larger scale, and how to enjoy a richer, more meaningful life through radically changing the way in which we relate to, and draw resources from, the earth.

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Farming futures discussed in Healesville

Farmers, landowners and community members heard about how climate change could impact them and how they can prepare to meet the challenges climate changes poses in the Yarra Ranges.

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Permaculture for the people review

Becky Ellis from Permaculture for the People reviews RetroSuburbia. You can listen to Becky’s review here.

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Dumbo Feather Podcast

Dumbo Feather Podcast

David Holmgren in conversation with Dan Palmer. You can listen in here:

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The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine

David speaks about "RetroSuburbia: Action, Resilience & Future Visions" as part of the Castlemaine State Festival.

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The New York Times: An Australian environmentalist’s next act

David Holmgren grows almost everything he eats. He doesn’t own a mobile phone or a television, and most of his clothing is secondhand. He never flies, won’t go to a supermarket and can’t remember his credit card PIN.

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Resistance Radio 9

Resistance Radio interview

Derrick Jensen interviews David Holmgren about permaculture, its influence and its future, and the relevance of the suburbs in playing a role in building community resilience.

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Pip Permaculture Podcast #9: RetroSuburbia

Pip editor Robyn Rosenfeldt in conversation with David Holmgren discussing David's best selling book “RetroSuburbia”.

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Reading RetroSuburbia: Security in Hard Times

At the 2018 New Economy Network Australia conference in Melbourne, David Holmgren spoke with me about reviewing his 2018 book, RetroSuburbia. I said a critical review would be unlikely as I agree with much of what he wrote.

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David Holmgren

Permaculture Association UK: book review

RetroSuburbia is an extraordinary and magnificently crafted guide on living abundantly in uncertain times. Part manifesto, part manual, this is the book you and I did not realise we were waiting for!

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North America Permaculture Magazine

North America Permaculture Magazine: book review

Visiting David Holmgren at his 2-1/2 acre homestead in central Victoria changed my life. I caught a vision of what you might call ‘Permie Paradise’ – a family producing most of their own food and sharing the surplus with friends and neighbors doing likewise in the small Australian town of...

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Permaculture UK: book review

I am personally very excited and moved by this handbook. In my experience, this is the most important book since Bill Mollison's epic Permaculture Designer's Manual. I predict that it will redefine permaculture in the mainstream world and that downshifting permaculture practitioners and transitioners everywhere will love this resource!

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Photo: Kirsten Bradley

Subtle Disruptors podcast

There is a moment when I am talking with David Holmgren that I notice a shift in myself. He has been sharing the origins of the concept of permaculture in the 1970s, and how quickly it was picked up by people at the time.

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Canberra Weekly Review

RetroSuburbia is a fascinating and sometimes confronting book about preparing for an expected “energy descent future”. Author David Holmgren believes that collectively as individuals we can foster increased resilience in a rapidly changing world – especially through connecting with like-minded people in our community.

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Rune Soup podcast

Gordon from Rune Soup talks all things permaculture and Retrosuburbia with David Holmgren.

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All Being Well Poadcast

All Being Well

In many homes worldwide, David Holmgren is a beloved name. As the co-creator of the global permaculture movement, his work has touched millions of lives, and can be seen etched into the gardens of inner city projects, community co-operatives and large-scale farms.

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3RRR’s Greening the Apocalypse

Author, environmental designer and co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren, joins the team on Greening the Apocalypse to discuss what a RetroSuburban future might look like.

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Green Magazine: Permaculture Propagator

David Holmgren is a passionate activist committed to shaking up the status quo. To his devoted followers – as witnessed at this year’s Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne – he is the oracle from on high, the rockstar of permaculture. This consummate pedagogue is now fervently espousing his message of...

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Seymour Telegraph: Is Seymour ready for ecological renewal?

Globally recognised ecological thinker, David Holmgren, has identified Seymour as a potential key model for regional community-based ecological renewal.

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Permaculture Design Magazine review

A major new addition to the permaculture canon, this practical book offers the most complete example of its author’s approach to living so far published, and exemplifies what motivated him to articulate the permaculture thesis with Bill Mollison in the 70s.

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Seymour telegraph_small

Seymour Telegraph: Urging sustainable living

Have you ever wanted to live cleaner or smarter? Perhaps grow your own produce, try permaculture or perhaps go completely off-grid?

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Australian Women’s Weekly: Sustainable Suburbia

In the sprawling suburbs of Western Sydney, tucked down the end of a cul de sac in St Claire, is the solar-powered home of Nevin and Linda Sweeney. It sits within a garden that provides them with all the food they need. They have cultivated a lush, edible oasis that...

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Rob Hopkins’ RetroSuburbia Review

I am increasingly fascinated by two words I think are vital to our future, but which I see declining in the world around us, “what if?” Navigating a way to a safe, nurturing and liveable future requires our coming together to create What If spaces, places and events where we...

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Charles Massy Canberra launch speech

RetroSuburbia gives us a philosophical & practical series of tool-kits on how to change our suburbs, country towns, cities & ourselves - to live, as Paul Hawken says, as if it were a sacred act.

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In conversation with Morag Gamble

In this interview Morag Gamble explores why David wrote RetroSuburbia, his vision for cities and where he feels we need to put our energy.

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Radio Adelaide interview

RetroSuburbia: it’s not a political manifesto, but it could easily be one, as it links to many of the major social and political issues of our time.

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ABC Organic Gardener

ABC Organic Gardener

Abdallah House retrosuburban case study + book review.

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Seymour FM: EarthChat interview

Host Phil Bourne interviews RetroSuburbia designer + case study star Richard Telford, and project manager + editor at large, Beck Lowe.

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