Future ScenariosFuture Scenarios

David’s extended essay about scenario planning that became a book, also available to read online. Two further essays build on this work, find out more here.

shop_essence_booklet_800sEssence of Permaculture

A summary of David’s book Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability. Available as an A5 booklet, as a free PDF, or get the ePub version in full colour with added functionality.

Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond SustainabilityPermaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability

David Holmgren’s seminal work, Principle and Pathways draws together and integrates 25 years of thinking and teaching to show a whole new way of understanding and action behind a simple set of design principles. Essential reading for permaculture designers and accessible to a wide range of critical thinkers. Also available as an eBook.


RetroSuburbia talk at APC13 by David Holmgren

David Holmgren encourages permaculture activists to focus their energies on retrofitting suburbia for an energy decent future. David argues that the opportunities to retrofit are so much more important than new buildings because of the limits to debt based growth. Filmed at the 13th Australasian Permaculture Convergence in Perth October 2016.

Aussie Street Presentation at the Wheeler Centre

Extended Aussie Street Presentation filmed in Hobart

David’s presentation starts at 3 minutes, if you want to skip ahead.

David Holmgren on the Endurance of Suburbia (2004)

The End of Suburbia is a must see documentary about peak oil, arguing that it spells a hard crash for the suburban dream. David Holmgren here offers a counterview, a vision of a radically retrofitted, food producing suburbia. David Holmgren is the co-originator of Permaculture.

A full version of the interview with Adam Fenderson (aka Grubb) can be heard below. For the transcript, click here.

How ‘Aussie Street’ transformed a community with Shani Graham

How well do you know your neighbours? Suburban life is often isolating and rarely a true community experience. This is not the case in Hulbert Street.

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