the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future

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“Aren’t we all craving real world ways to make an impact, and make our lives feel significant in the face of the global challenges we face?”
David Holmgren asks.

Are you looking to create a more sustainable life?
Would you like to be more resilient in the face of growing uncertainties?
Would you like to retrofit your house, your community and your life?
Are you interested in downshifting but don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re interested in the big picture of how, as communities, we can downshift our energy use, or the details of how you can grow more food for your family, RetroSuburbia is rich with real world examples and behavioural strategies applied by those already on the downshifting path.


Part A

the Scene

B: Built Field

Patterns of
Human Habitats

C: Biological Field

Patterns of
life and growth

D: Behaviour Field

Patterns of
decisions and actions

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Feeding RetroSuburbia

Interested in rebuilding the household economy?

David Holmgren’s upcoming book RetroSuburbia
highlights the ongoing and incremental changes we can make
to our built, biological and behavioural landscapes.

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