Case Studies

Abdallah House raised garden bed

Abdallah House

Alistair & Christine’s


Eco Thifty Retrofit

A Good Home Forever

Good Life Permaculture

The Plummery

The Plummery

Saba and Matt’s Rental


Tree Elbow

Under the Choko Tree

Watts Permaculture

A note on the Resilience Ratings

David Holmgren has developed a ‘RetroSuburban Real Estate Evaluation Tool’ that assists in assigning a value (0-5) to 56 different aspects of a home’s location, construction orientation, soil type and other physical factors including any existing resilience assets such as water tanks, wood heaters, established food trees etc.

The total of the values ranges from from less than 100 for a poor property to over 200 for excellent ones. The ‘Suns” rating provides a quick guide to the relative resilience of different properties;  a score of <100 = 1 sun • 100-125 = 2 suns • 125-150 = 3 suns • 150-175 = 4 suns • 175-200 = 5 suns • 200-225 = 6 suns • 225+ = 7 suns.  The before and after scores in the case studies show the effect of the retrofit done by the residents.

The ratings only assess the potential of the property, not the lifestyle or behaviour of the residents.  It is still possible to be productive, resilient and happy in a less than ideal property, while the highest scoring property is no guarantee of abundance, resilience or happiness!

Once the tool has been more thoroughly tested, it will be available to help owners and residents assess their own places and/or prospective properties.

A note on Garden farming yield

This is a measure of how productive the property is in terms of kilograms of food per square metre of total garden area, which includes paths, compost bays, animal housing greenhouses and water tanks (basically everything except house, carport and sheds). This figure gives a realistic view of the required infrastructure to support growing and outdoor living.

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