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Oct 19 - 21 2018


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New Economy Network Australia’s Annual Conference

Strengthening the New Economy
for the Common Good

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st October, 2018


Today’s global economy is built on a growth-fuelled industrial and financial system with immense productive capacity, but its extractive logic has created extreme wealth inequality, social injustice, and ecological devastation on an unprecedented scale. At the heart of the transition to a new economy lies the commons: the wealth we inherit and create together which includes the gifts of nature, civic infrastructure and knowledge in all its forms. Across Australia, people and communities are working to strengthen the commons through better food systems, co-operative enterprise and innovative legal models that protect the rights of nature and ensure a just transition for people and the planet now, and into the future.

NENA’s second annual conference “Strengthening the New Economy for the Common Good”, held in Melbourne, invites people to come together to share stories of success, address challenges and join the broader movement, to appreciate our shared purpose and create transformative approaches to a fairer and ecologically sustainable economy and society.

The 2018 New Economy Conference will:

  • Bring together hundreds of people and organisations interested in moving beyond the current unsustainable and unjust economic system that currently dominates Australian society;
  • Enable people to share, learn, listen, play, and work together to co-create a strong, vibrant economic system that’s fair for all Australians and cares for our precious natural environment; and
  • Launch powerful new collective strategies for creating positive social and economic change, to achieve long term, liveable economies that fit within the productive capacity of a healthy environment.


David Holmgren will be presenting a keynote address on RetroSuburbia at 11am on Saturday October 20 in the main conference room.
And then at 1.30pm on Saturday David is on a panel entitled Radical Urban: Future Visions with Samuel Alexander, (University of Melbourne) and Lauren Rickards (RMIT) facilitated by Morgan Koegel (3000acres).

The event is finished.

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