Retrofit your Life from the inside out!

Oh the joys of plucking fresh produce from your lovingly tended garden, and throwing some preserves and pickles into the mix from last year’s harvest…

But wait! What if that’s not you? What if your main outdoor activity at home consists of bundling a week’s worth of packaging and takeaway containers to the kerbside?

What if every bite that you eat has jumped in and out of boxes and bags and trucks and cars on its journey to you from who knows where?

Somewhere aching inside is the desire to shift your consumption habits, but where do you begin?

You can begin by downloading the free RetroSuburbia Chapter 25. Changing Habits for Self-Reliance and Resilience.

In this chapter…

  • Hair shirts and frugal hedonism
  • Home-based work
  • Daytime lifestyle and seasonal sleeping patterns
  • Managing habits & addictions
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities
  • Multi-tasking
  • Increasing productivity
  • Vision


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