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Oct 08 2018


10:00 am - 4:00 pm




New South Wales

RetroSuburbia Masterclass

Join David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture, and Beck Lowe for a one-day masterclass unpacking the strategies, design thinking and action plans contained in Holmgren’s latest book RetroSuburbia: the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future.

This one day masterclass is suitable for designers, urban planners, community cultivators, home retrofitters, change-makers, builders, activists, teachers, public sector workers, gardeners, entrepreneurs, architects, makers and anyone else looking for tools and strategies to effectively transform our suburbs into more livable, resilient places.

In its essence, the design thinking in RetroSuburbia invites and inspires us all to stay right where we are. Turning our suburbs upside down, to make the world we want. No need to be moving to the country, to the coast or to the hills for a happier, greener life.

That idyllic community? It’s probably where you already are. It’s potentially all around you – you just need the tools to make it happen.

During this masterclass you will:

  • Explore the strategies and issues raised by the book in more detail with David and Beck
  • Unpack the implications of a retro-fitted suburban future
  • Analyse examples and possibilities of retrosuburban contexts within the student group
  • Workshop strategies to help your community move forwards into a livable future
  • Gain tools and knowledge for sharing retrosuburban thinking with your networks, and how to incorporate it into your current activities
  • Form connections with other like-minded change-makers in the room


Bookings and more info here.


The event is finished.

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