Time to stock your garden larder!

Well, actually your garden will stock itself and become your very own backyard self-service produce store, as long as you lay down the groundwork to get the right things growing for you and the land you live on.

The long protracted thought that has gone into RetroSuburbia means it’s full of ideas that feel like they are ready to implement ‘off the shelf’. However, the Built, Behavioural and Biological Fields of your homebase are specific to you, your fellow cohabitants, and the land you live on together, and each needs careful observation before you embark on enacting grand plans.

This month’s free feature chapter “What to Grow Where” will help you tune into your Biological Field. What is going to grow well in your soil and climate, in the shaded nooks and the sunny spots? And what is going to nourish you and yours? You are, after all, important parts of that living system!

Starting from a place of clarity around these questions will help you to gain maximum satisfaction from minimum effort, and bring you into closer, more present connection with the place you call home.

Begin a new journey in your own backyard today by downloading the free RetroSuburbia Chapter 18. What to Grow Where.

In this chapter…

  • Priorities for suburban food sufficiency
  • Appropriate street trees
  • Multi-purpose shelter and screening
  • Summary
  • Vision


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