A short personal and global history of Retrofitting the Suburbs

My childhood and adolescent years in suburban Bicton (between Fremantle and Perth WA) were set against a backdrop of Swan River estuary beaches, swamps, cliffs and caves. Many summer nights were spent fishing for tailor, flathead, and garfish. Our backyard included citrus, stone fruit, grapes, almonds, a vegie garden and a chook run. The Permaculture […]

RetroSuburbia; The Manifesto

This essay is based on an earlier version that was first published by the Simplicity Institute in 2012. It summarises the ideas behind a book on the subject due for publication in 2017. While this essay is a manifesto, the book is a practical manual that explains and illustrates the strategies, designs and templates that […]

A History from the Future

History From The Future is a short story set in Central Victoria by David Holmgren, co-originator of the globally influential permaculture concept (and long term resident of central Victoria). It provides a vision of how important the strategies and patterns of RetroSuburbia could be in shaping the future for the better. The story starts in […]

See David Holmgren's main website http://holmgren.com.au/